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Wheelchairs and Equipment

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Various offers of loan equipment, power/manual wheelchairs

As a means of helping those affected by the recent (and still current) bushfires, Permobil Australia would like offer those who have lost their assistive technology (in particular power or manual wheelchairs, specialised seating, and pressure care cushions or mattresses) to get in touch with us and we will determine if we have the appropriate solution/product available to loan you whilst full replacement solutions are sought.


This invitation is extended to assistive technology users of all brands, not just our own. Please note that depending on each person’s individual clinical needs we may not be able to assist in all cases, but every attempt will be made to do so.


To contact us, call us on 1300 845 483 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


** Note:  This ad has been provided by the team at NDIS Grassroots Discussion on Facebook.  We are a peer support group for disabled people and are not affiliated with Permobil or any other provider.  Original source:


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